Lorant Menehart

All-inclusive support
for your online business

Hello, I'm Lorant and I'm a superhero. I can help your business grow by handling tasks that take up too much of your time while you should be focusing on more important stuff. 

If you need help with your website, customer support, email campaigns and other daily tasks, I'm your guy.

​Work with me if you need help with:


I build clean, attractive, user-friendly websites. Your visitors will love it.
I also provide technical support and maintenance for existing websites.


Market research, sales funnels,email campaigns, infographics, social media, analytics. I will help your business be known and be popular.


Helping people overcome technical challenges is what I love doing most; Making customers happy is my main skill.

Previous Projects

A short list of some of my previous projects. For one reason or another I especially loved working on these ones.


Ok, manifesto might be too much, these are just some short writings about my approach towards my work.

Contact Me

email: lorant@mnhart.eu
skype: menehart.lorant
phone: +447934124646

Or hire me through Freelancer: